Destination Home Theater DVD to redefine Home Theater definition

If you want to give your Home Theater a new look and don’t know what to do, then don’t stay depressed. Destination Home Theater DVD offers Home Theater Design Tips for Combining Technology and Decor. It is the first kind of DVD that perfectly fuses High Tech with High Touch. Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker THX Home Theater certified consultant Barbara Roth understands that Home Theater forms an essential part of American household and therefore she released her latest unique “DVD Destination Home Theater” for home theater enthusiasts. The DVD offers remarkable easy to do design and technical tips which provide the secrets to making the most of the acoustical and visual elements in your home.

“As the home theater concept expanded from the dedicated home theater to the family room, most of these design elements from a dedicated home theater that designers and installers were focused on never made it into the mainstream family or living room,” stated Roth. “My DVD is aimed at helping consumers combine technology and interior design elements that are crucial to optimizing the home theater experience.”

You can purchase the DVD at an expected price of $19.95 via the Destination Home Theater web site The DVD comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Via: Businesswire