Despite setbacks, Hitachi has the Wooo XP07 Series

The other day, we reported on Hitachi, and how it has had to halt production due to the tsunami/earthquake of Japan.

However, I have just heard of this development of the Hitachi Wooo (yes, that is with three o’s) XP07 series, which come in PDP Plasma TV and LCD form.

Both of these models have a 320GB HDD, but I do not know how much recording that is capable of. It also has three digital TV tuners, which will allow the user to record two channels at the same time.

The sizes will vary as the Hitachi Wooo XP07 Plasma TV is available in 42-inch, 46 inch, and 50-inch models. As for the LCD versions, they come in 32-inch, 37-inch, as well as 42-inch models. The LCD 32 inch will be HD-ready, while the 37 and 42 inch versions are full HD. I cannot say that I know of a release date or price, and I would probably anticipate a delay with the aforementioned halt of production.