Denon Introduces DCD-2000AE Two-Channel SACD Player

Denon are to introduce the DCD-2000AE, a two-channel SACD player that shares many of the refinements and much of the original circuitry developed on a cost no object basis for the S Series.

The DCD-2000AE will retail for Ј1,199.99 in the UK and a matching stereo amplifier, the PMA-2000AE will also be available, also at Ј1,199.99. The following information is from Denon’s PR literature:

Advanced AL24 Processing, the latest technology for high sound quality

The DCD-2000AE is endowed with “Advanced AL24 Processing,” the critically-acclaimed PCM (CD) signal reproduction technology that Denon developed for the high-end DCD-SA1. In addition to the data expansion of existing AL24 Processing Plus technology, up-converted sampling is used to achieve natural interpolation without losing original data. Greater optimisation in digital processing algorithm has also been achieved for ringing-free pulse response and for pulsive music data and attack sounds. This enhances naturalness in the reproduction of spatial information such as the delicate nuances in the music, the locations of the performers, and the breadth, height, and depth of the concert hall.

Original Drive Mechanism, Denon’s core digital disc playback technology

Denon has been using its own original drive mechanisms for a large number of digital disc players, including the high-end DCD-SA1, where they have earned considerable praise and reliability. Since Super Audio CDs rotate at high speed during playback, the length of the motor shaft has been considerably shortened. A long-life brushless motor capable of withstanding vibration caused by high-speed rotation has also been used. In addition, thorough consideration has been given to mechanical deviations in the optical axis of the laser beam being irradiated by the pickup onto the disc, mechanical unevenness in the base of the pickup mechanism, and the mechanical inclination of the brushless motor shaft. The DCD-2000AE also incorporates a highly-acclaimed SVH loader that features a hybrid construction combining multiple types of materials to suppress vibration and further improve disc reading accuracy.

DAC master clock design

The DCD-2000AE features the same type of DAC that is used in our high-end CD player as a master of clock signals for all devices. Since these clock signals are generated by an oscillator circuit module, it is possible to obtain highly reliable oscillation unaffected by PC board patterns and other elements. For Super Audio CD playback, the all-important DSD clock supplies clock signals to the DSD decoder on the slave side after they have been frequency divided, and signals to the DAC, the master device, are supplied after the DSD clock has been timing adjusted again to the accuracy of the oscillator. This approach thoroughly minimizes the adverse influences of jitter and noise, and achieves sound images with clear contours.

High-accuracy D/A converter

A high-accuracy D/A converter with the same level of performance of high-end models has been used in the DCD-2000AE. High-quality sound has been made possible with an extremely simple configuration that uses only a pure analog FIR filter in the output stage following D/A conversion. This D/A converter uses differential operation for each channel to produce even higher sound quality.

Complete separation of digital and analog power supplies

To eliminate mutual interference between the digital and analog circuits, the DCD-2000AE has adopted a dual transformer configuration in which the power supplies for these circuits are completely separated. By using OFC wire coils for the analog transformer and positioning the transformers in an orientation that avoids the effects of spurious magnetic flux on each other, the S/N ratio and a sense of energy have been greatly improved. Cast aluminum with superior vibration-absorbing characteristics was used for the base of the transformer when it was mounted onto the chassis to suppress vibration not only from the transformer itself but from other internal parts and the outside as well. Together with sound quality capacitors employed in the power circuit, this dual transformer configuration produces a base that improves power supply stability and enhances high-quality sound playback capabilities.

Thoroughly vibration-resistant construction

Recognizing the extent to which minute internal and external vibration can affect sound quality, the DCD-2000AE has been engineered to be thoroughly vibration resistant. The chassis construction includes three layers of flat plates for the top and two layers for the bottom to thoroughly eliminate surface resonance and ensure high rigidity. The use of a dual-layered construction for the side and rear panels, with hybrid materials incorporated in the side panels, serve to further suppress resonance. The mechanical units that drive the disc and tray have been mounted at the center of the main chassis to achieve an optimum balance of weight throughout the DCD-2000AE and thoroughly suppress the adverse effects of internal and external vibration on the audio signal.

Pure Direct mode, for pure enjoyment of music

The DCD-2000AE includes a Pure Direct mode that turns off the display and digital signal output to create an environment for enjoying only the purity of music. When the pulse signals of the digital data and the display drive are turned off, the audio signal remains clean and faithful to the original sound.

Proven parts for high sound quality

The DCD-2000AE’s parts have been strictly selected on the basis of Denon’s long experience in developing audio players and countless listening tests conducted during the development of the high-end DCD-SA1. These parts have been finely tuned to deliver the best possible sound. Machined gold-plated jacks that support high-quality audio pin cords, for instance, have been used for the analog audio output terminals.