Denon DVD-2900, The First PAL Progressive DVD-Audio/SACD Player

Denon have announced that the PAL version of their DVD-2900 universal DVD-Audio/SACD player will be the only machine capable of delivering ‘legal’ PAL progressive video.

The DVD-2900 brings Denon’s audiophile and videophile performance features to a price point that most enthusiasts can afford. Many of the technologies and construction elements developed for the flagship DVD-A1 have been used in the 2900, which will go on sale in the U.K. with a recommended retail price of just Ј850.

Remarkably at this price, Denon have gone for pure audiophile construction with a three shielded box, five block internal layout to isolate analogue, digital and video circuits from each other and included audiophile quality Silmic capacitors in the audio chain. Similarly high standards have been applied to the video circuitry.

Robert Follis, Denon’s PR and marketing co-ordinator is expectedly enthusiastic: “We had a production delay on this player which was fortuitous, as Denon have used the extra time to make the 2900 the first legally approved PAL Progressive Scan DVD player from any Japanese company and the world’s only DVD-Audio/SACD player with PAL Progressive,” Rob told us. “The combination of audio and video technologies should make the DVD-2900 this seasons hottest affordable high-end player and will certainly will upset the status quo, we hope!

Product highlights:

  • The only Universal SACD/DVD-Audio player with Legal PAL Progressive-Scan DVD-Video
  • Denon’s first Universal Player
  • The first Approved PAL Progressive Scan player from Japan
  • The first under Ј1,000 audiophile-grade Universal Player
  • Built for sound and picture quality as well as features
  • The best video and audio DACs available at this price point
  • Silmic audiophile capacitors on all channels
  • Unique SACD set-up from front panel and SACD text

For audio, the latest Burr-Brown 24-bit 192kHz DACs and other state of-the-art technologies are used to extract the maximum from all formats. Audiophile components are used throughout the analogue stages and there is a special two stage ‘Pure Direct’ quiet mode for music replay.

For the highest quality video, the DVD-2900 uses two of the most advanced 12-bit 108MHz Video DACs with Noise Shaped Video, plus Silicon Image’s SiI504 PureProgressive® Scan with a huge 64Mb of external SDRAM, plus Denon’s super Sub-Alias filter and 4Ч Oversampling on both the Progressive and Interlaced outputs.

  • Advanced Silicon Image SiI504 PureProgressive Scan for PAL
  • Twin 12bit 108MHz Video DACs with Noise Shaped Video
  • Audiophile grade Burr-Brown 24-bit, 192-kHz DSD 1790 Audio DACs
  • Two Pure Direct modes for music replay
  • Built-in high-grade DTS and Dolby Digital decoders
  • Dedicated multi-channel DSD/SACD decoder
  • Dedicated multi-channel MLP/DVD-Audio decoder
  • Full Digital Bass Management for DVD-Audio/SACD featuring Analog Devices 32-bit processor; 80Hz crossover with 12dB high and 24dB low pass slopes; Adjustable delay time(0-15ms)
  • MP3, JPEG photo and Kodak Picture CD replay

The DVD-2900 weighs over 17.5 pounds featuring solid audiophile construction. The disc loader features a special hybrid construction of moulded plastic and metal that further absorbs vibration for completely stable disc playback.

Supported formats:

  • DVD-Audio
  • SACD Multi-channel
  • DVD-Video
  • DVD-R/RW
  • MP3
  • JPEG photos
  • Kodak Picture CD

Other highlights include:

  • SRS True Surround
  • Variable Black Level (Set-up): 0 and 7.5 IRE
  • Below-black (PLUGE) on both progressive and interlace outputs
  • 5 Picture Memories, with adjustable tint, brightness, contrast, sharpness and gamma
  • Super Sub Alias Filter on Progressive and Interlace for Luminance and Chrominance signals
  • Audiophile grade Burr-Brown 24-bit, 192-kHz DSD 1790 Audio DACs
  • Pure Direct QUIET mode switches off all non-essential circuits and displays during music playback
  • Full and Flexible Digital Bass Management for DVD-Audio and SACD
  • MP3 Playback
  • 16Mb memory buffer for seamless layer change
  • 1 Ч wideband Component Video output
  • 1 Ч RGB via SCART
  • Composite Video and S Video outputs
  • Standard 24-bit 96kHz PCM digital outputs; optical and coaxial
  • 5.1 and Stereo analogue outputs
  • RS-232C with Crestron and AMX support plus remote in/out ports
  • Glo-Key remote control
  • Available with either black or gold finishes

Denon DVD-2900