Denon DN-X600 Professional 2-Channel Digital Mixer

Denon announces its new model DN-X600 professional 2-channel mixer. The DN-X600 mixer features 32-bit DAC, 32-bit DSP Processing, 24W Power consumption and a 24-bit, 96 kHz USB 2.0 sound card. The mixer has a grounding circuitry and solid steel framework in order to preserve it from an external noise. The mixer offers 8 onboard DSP audio effects, MIDI interface, and innofader compatibility.

The DN-X600 mixer can function with all current working systems, including 64/32 bit Windows systems and Mac OSX 10.6.4. The mixer is available with 45-mm Channel Faders and a 45-mm Flex Faders. Additionally, the DN-X600 mixer has 2 AUX inputs, 2 1/4" phono inputs, mic input and 2-way Parameter Filter.

For PC use, the mixer includes 64/32-bit ASIO driver and for DSP effects, USB send or return is included. The control surface includes MIDI-mappable, keys, knobs, and buttons. The new Denon DN-X600 Mixer is available at $849.99 (MSRP).