Denon DN-HC1000S USB DJ Controller

Denon-DN-HC1000S-USB-DJ-Controller Denon introduces its new DN-HC1000S DJ USB controller. It is designed to support and interface DVS systems with most famous DJ software program system, scratch live. This new controller supports all commands and features of the software system scratch live. It makes use of a simple plug n plug USB connection.

The DN-HC1000S features file select buttons and knob, steel cabinet with rough rubber keys, fast search and track select buttons, EFX control, CLR/ SHIFT button, 3 sampler player and 5 cue point buttons. It can also be used for other kinds of DK software programs. It has dedicated tactile controls for replacing the computer keyboard shortcuts. The DN-HC1000S controller offers an easy plug n play, reliable hardware controller to the DJ software program.

The DN-HC1000S controller also provides File, History, Browse, Prepare Keys and Tap Button. The DN-HC1000S MIDI Controller with the Scratch Live system is available at $170 price.