Denon DHT-591BA Home Theater System Review-Solid Sound System

I don’t come in contact with a lot of Denon gear.  But I’m starting to find that they’re pretty pleasant pieces, and with the Denon DHT-591BA, I’m mostly happy with it.

The Denon DHT-591BA is a six hundred watt 5.1 channel surround sound system that offers five speakers, a subwoofer, a variety of surround sound decoders, a tuner with forty-six presets, four HDMI inputs, an optical digital input, a coaxial digital input, headphone jack, stereo output, S-video input, HDMI output, three composite inputs, one composite output and 3-D readiness when you add on a few components.

The sound quality on this one is a pretty solid, I’d say, and the controls aren’t really hard to get the hang of.  You can see form the spec sheet there are plenty of options here, and lots of great utility here for someone looking for a little better system than most.

Amazon wants fully six hundred bucks for this thing, so if budget is a consideration I advise staying away, but you can rest at least reasonably assured that you’ll get what you pay for here.  So the Denon DHT-591BA is a good, solid sound system that offers a lot of options and will make you pay for each of them.