Denon DHT-391XP Home Theater System Review-A Lot To Offer

Today we go on with our look at home theater systems with the Denon DHT-391XP, a system that will do a great job on power, but not such a hot job on value.

The Denon DHT-391XP is a six hundred fifty watt 5.1 channel home theater system that offers five speakers and a hundred watt powered subwoofer. You’ll get a variety of decoders including Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Digital Surround EX, four HDMI 1.4a Repeater inputs, one HDMI output, 3D Pass Through capability, the Equal Power Amp design to improve sound detail, support for High Definition audio, both Deep Color and x.v. Color support, and support for optional iPod docks.

There’s quite a bit here, and if you’re looking for a full hub for your home theater gear you can certainly do quite a bit worse than this. The sound quality sounds pretty nice–there’s a lot of power going thorugh this system, after all–and you’ll get plenty of connectivity options, especially if you’re using a lot of newer equipment that’s heavy on the HDMI. But considering it’s got 3D compatibility, well, that’s definitely a step towards the future, giving you much better value.

Considering that Amazon wants $362.58 for one of these, it’s actually no surprise they want that kind of money. Frankly, this is that kind of system, and if you’re looking for a hub–something to build a home theater around–you could certainly do much, much worse than this. Take a look at the Denon DHT-391XP and have a listen for yourself; you should be happy with the results.