Denon Announces Entry-Level Universal DVD Player

Denon has announced their newest universal disc player, the Ј250 DVD-1920, which makes it the most affordable in the company’s line-up. Regular readers will recall that previously introduced low-end models such as the DVD-1910 were lacking high-resolution audio support, supposedly due to market apathy, so it is good to see both DVD-Audio and SACD reintroduced at the entry level price point.

Thanks to Denon for the following information:

This competitive model is a major performance upgrade over the DVD-1910, rolls in SACD / DVD-Audio and benefits from the experience gained in developing Denon’s high-end DVD players. The HDMI and video circuits go way beyond competitor’s quality at this price and the 1920 delivers superb pictures and sound.

The exceptionally clear front panel and sensible sized control buttons are a deliberate reaction to the problems many consumers have with ultra-slim designs and tiny controls. Clear, logical and easy-to-use, even in low light.

  • HDMI with HDCP Digital Video Out
  • 216MHz / 11bit high-end Video DAC
  • Latest Faroujda DCDi FLI-2301 PAL progressive scan
  • RGB on SCART – S-Video outputs – Component Out
  • Available in Black or Silver aluminium front panel

HDMI digital video is fully specified and gives stunning pictures on an HDMI or DVI capable display. The high performance 216MHz video DAC and Faroujda Progressive Scan deliver a stunning picture via the component output and make the DVD-1920 an ideal complement to current Plasma and LCD screens. RGB on SCART delivers the best picture for standard TVs.

  • HDMI with HDCP Digital Video for new generation Plasmas, LCD and projectors
  • HDMI Black Enhancer and HDMI multichannel digital audio transfer
  • HDMI Bass management
  • HDMI Video Select – For RGB or Component out via HDMI
  • HDMI Scaling from Silicon Image 480p/720p/1080i
  • Selectable Video Modes: Auto1 / Auto2 / for film detection (24/30 fps rates)
  • Video1 / Video2 / Video3 – Motion Detection for Video sources
  • Low/Mid/Fast settings (normally only found on more expensive players)
  • DivX (R) Certified (Version 3.11, 4.xx, 5.xx, VOD video content)
  • PAL Progressive Scan via Component Video outputs improves the picture on appropriate displays
  • Latest Faroujda DCDi PAL progressive scan – the high-end iteration of this system
  • RGB via the SCART output and S-Video output delivers the best picture on standard TVs
  • The latest 216MHz 11 bit Video DAC for superb picture quality
  • Family Photo Show capability with JPEG and Kodak Picture CD still photograph

The availability of new components and transport mechanism has made it possible in 2005, to build a universal audio player at this price point without compromising on video quality and Denon is very experienced in building great sounding DVD Players.

  • Plays CD, SACD and DVD-Audio discs
  • Plays CDR/RW discs carrying MP3, WMA9 and MP3-VBR files
  • 24-bit / 192kHz Audio DACs give a wide dynamic range and excellent s/n ratio
  • The audio circuit design is based on technology from Denon Hi-fi, giving superior results on music

The DVD-1920 will be available from mid October onwards.

Denon DVD-1920 Universal DVD PlayerDenon DVD-1920 Universal DVD Player