Delta Full HD LED Home Theater DLP Projector


Delta electronics has announced its latest and enduring full HD LED home theater DLP projector. The projector features high LED optics, excellent 1080 pixels resolution, broad color scale and a lot more. It provides customers an excellent experience of viewing a new home theater.

The DLP projector boasts of superior and highly developed LED projection technologies. The LED technology provides users long-term equipped life, striking colors and free of mercury and so on.

"The viewing experience is amazing. The image quality of the projector’s full HD resolution plus saturated color and dynamic contrast is extremely impressive. With this product, we believe the era of the LED projector has arrived. Home theater projectors are just the beginning," said Jeff Fu, Director for Projection Display at Delta’s Display Solutions Business Unit.

Moreover, the Delta full HD LED home theater DLP projector is a better choice to meet the commercial, as well as the personal requirements. It provides unique and high-quality images unparalleled by any other lamp projector. Overall, it is perfect in each aspect!