Delphi Introduce Automotive DVD-Audio System [HFR]

Delphi will demonstrate several automotive DVD-Audio products at CES this coming week, including the company’s Premium Audio System.

Consumers expect excellent sound quality, from easy-to-use systems that have expanded capabilities and are reliable,” said Dr. Robert Schumacher, business line executive for Delphi Delco Electronics Systems wireless products. “With Delphi’s experience we are able to quickly respond to audio, video and information market trends and to help provide enhanced information and entertainment systems that satisfy these consumer requirements.

According to Delphi, they are one of the first companies to demonstrate an integrated DVD-Audio playback system for the vehicle. The Delphi system was developed specifically for the mobile audio market and features all the standard DVD-Audio features, together with a fourteen-channel amplifier and sub-woofer.

DVD-Audio is expected to revolutionize album recording with the capability to include several versions of an album on the disc, said Schumacher. Optional versions may include a super high-end surround sound version as well as video clips.

DVD-Audio is the future of audio reproduction,” he noted. “Delphi understands consumer expectations from the most casual listener to the most sophisticated audiophile. With our DVD-Audio designed for the vehicle and its realistic sound reproduction, we are able to help satisfy the expectations of all types of listeners.

Delphi can be found at booth number 3913 in hall 1-4 of the Las Vegas Convention Center.