Dell Studio Hybrid PC


They say the smaller a product, the more powerful it is. So, Dell has just thought you a way to wield enough power. It has recently launched swanky and latest studio hybrid PCs. These pocket-size power houses come in incredibly flamboyant designs along with various colorful options.

You can confidently rest on the hybrid PCs for their creative expression and stylistic working environment. Simply flaunt them on the desktop, on the bookshelf or just on the furnished table. The small and environment-friendly PCs come in a variety of interchangeable colorful finishes such as Bamboo, Emerald, Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Slate, and Topaz. In fact, its compact body lets you fit these hybrid PCs virtually anywhere.

The upscale PCs enable users to perform their everyday activities easily and hassle-free. Besides helping you in creating mash-ups, editing and uploading videos, it also presents you the option of juggling between watching your favorite programme on the TV to check your online mails, etc. on the TV.

They will not only adorn your wooden entertainment centres, but it will help you to connect HDTVs with HDMI port. The range starting from $499, works magically when integrated with other peripherals such as Blu-ray Disc, TV tuner, Wireless keyboard and mouse, etc.