Dell-Paramount deal puts Iron Man on PCs

Dell the leading PCs manufacturer and Paramount Pictures are coming up with a new-fangled "Iron Man". Launching of "Iron Man" is the first step taken by Dell to set up a broader digital content storefront, which can bring a momentous competition for Apple’s overriding iTunes Store.

"The key focus here is to lead off our slow immersion into content as a major piece of the puzzle in terms of what consumers want from a PC," said Rachna Basin, director of content for Dell’s global consumer group.

In fact, "Iron Man" has been offered as a great option to users, which lets them acclimatize virtually every facet of their PCs from such important as storage ability to wonderful touches approximating laptop-cover artwork.

The Dell "Iron Man" is available at just $20 only in the U.S and Dell has decided to construct parallel offers overseas. The "Iron Man" is expected to be available only in normal characterization.

Via: Press