Dell 128 GB Drive

Dell, world’s leading vendors to deliver SSDs to its customers, is now offering the new 128 GB SSD in the U.S. on Dell Precision and Latitude systems at a price as low as $649. This drive will be available on XPS and Alienware systems next week.

“We’ve led the industry in offering the broadest product portfolio available with solid state drive technology to help customers avoid hard drive failure – which is one of the leading causes of data loss and hardware failure,” said Clarke. “With the introduction of the 128 GB solid state drive, we’re delivering capacity that meets the majority of our customers’ needs with increased durability and reliability at a great price.”

This new drive is capable of solving customer pain points around price and capacity of SSD technology. With this 128 GB drive, customers get double the capacity of Dell’s 64 GB ultra-performance SSD offering for the same price.

Via: Press