Definitive 6b floor standing speakers



The sound of these speakers is excellent, however, they lose big points in craftsmanship. They look to be a risky purchase, with the possibility of quickly deteriorating.

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Definitive 6B Floor Standing Speakers

At first glance these speakers appear to be an excellent deal, but buyer beware.

I came across the Definitive 6B during my extensive speaker shopping trip. The speakers received rave reviews from the salesman and were right in my price range at $599/pr. I was immediately blown away by the rich sound that the speakers delivered. In fact, the salesman made a quick switch from the Definitives to a front firing speaker (which I believe was more expensive) and the difference was dramatic. The bi-polar design made good on its hype; it delivered richness in sound comparable of a full surround sound set-up and offered the listener flexibility in position. These boys immediately made the top of my list.

After months of careful research and deliberation I was ready to make my big speaker purchase. It was time. I stuffed my pockets with cash and went on a mission to buy a pair of Definitives.

When I got to the 6th Ave. where I had first heard these beauties, where I had first heard these beauties, I took one last listen. I knew that these speakers delivered incomparable depth and excellent rock capability, but I needed to ensure that they could handle more delicate endeavors and effectively reproduce highs. I stood in the speaker room for a while and was very impressed with the high frequency reproduction of the 6Bs. These speakers would definitely handle instrumentals and high vocals with precision. I was ready to take them home.

Fate was not on my side, however. I found out from the salesman that they were on clearance, floor model only. The floor model definitely had the wear and tear that comes with many months of use and abuse. The mesh covering was beginning to tear and the wood piece on top had disassembled from the body of the speaker (it appeared to be attached only by a cheap plastic fastener). To make matters worse, they wouldn’t even drop the price down any further because it was a “final clearance” price. In that condition—keep them. I walked.

This experience led me to realize the serious flaws of the 6B. Although the sound is excellent and the bi-polar design offers a depth that surpasses other units in this price range, I think the craftsmanship of the model suffers. The design and quality of build seemed pretty low and I can foresee these speakers falling apart rapidly, even outside of a busy electronics store. I am also suspect of the electronic composition in the 6B. Given that Definitive packs 2 drivers and 2 tweeters into the 6B, the price tag hardly allows for top components and I have a feeling that the make of the 6B is much cheaper than other speakers in this price range. In the same vein, the 6Bs are not an especially attractive looking speaker, with their 360 degree wrapping of cheap mesh. If looks matter, skip this one outright.

These factors made me realize that perhaps fate was on my side that day. Although the Definitives sound excellent, the poor design and construction make them far less of a deal than they appear. Although I loved the sound delivered through the bi-polar design, I cannot whole heartedly recommend these speakers. If you’d like to take a chance on the poor craftsmanship and flimsy design, the 6B’s definitely deliver impressive sound that fills the room. The speakers are very versatile and handle a variety of music with great accuracy. However, I’d recommend putting your hard earned dollars toward something that is more likely to last. Speakers are an expensive investment that can last for years. Sound construction is as important as sound, so buy something that will last.

Technical Info:

Dimensions: 7"W x 11"D x 35"H

Frequency Response: 25 Hz — 30 kHz

Nominal Impedance: 4 — 8 ohms

Amplification: 20 —175 Watts

Efficiency: 91 dB

Components: Two 1" pure aluminum dome tweeters blended by a Linkwitz-Riley crossover and Two 5-1/4" polypropylene-coned bass/midrange drivers.

Price: $600

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