David Wiener Collection Art.Opera Loudspeakers

David Wiener Collection (DWC) has once again developed a new set of sonic speaker system in the word of audiophile speakers . DWC’s latest offering, the Art.Opera loudspeakers is build on the excitement and collectability of the extraordinary Ferrari Art.

The new Art.Opera presents sonic signature components such as high silver content solder and high-purity copper wire. In addition, the Art.Opera integrates 2-Way bass drive system for amazing combination of transient accuracy of lightweight, small speakers and surround-sound associated with larger woofers. The Art.Opera wears four layers of Ferrari factory paint that gives a new the style to this Ferrari product. Besides, it has 32Hz – 24 kHz Frequency.

DWC is expected to offer the Art.Opera within the U.S. marketplace at a suggested retail price of $39,995.