Datamancer Brass LCD

Hey Guys! Now look at this amazing artpiece. Datamancer’s LCD is a brilliantly build 22″ widescreen model. It has excelled many other LCD displays in its stylish look. Richard Nagy, the “Datamancer” of, is the builder of this LCD. Datamancer Brass LCD has a solid 1/4-inch brass frame, sanded and polished to a high shine. Its base is a mixture of brass and black marble with a small brass “cord catch” to keep the power and data cords tidy. The buttons of the LCD are also moved to the rear of the monitor and are remade from brass.

You will get to see the Datamancer’s Brass LCD in a film which is the remake of the old Nosferatu silent film along with many other magazines and newspapers. Must say the Datamancer’s Brass LCD is really cool both in its look and in performance. Interested buyer within the contiguous United States can even get it shipped for free!

Via: SteampunkWorkshop