Dala concept turntable

Even though some of you have turntables on your home theater, we usually don’t spend a lot of time covering them. The last ones we covered were the Bergmann Audio Sleipner Airbearing Turntable with Airbearing Tonearm and the Pyle-HOME PTCDS2UI.

This is the Dala, designed by Bradley Paulet. It is essentially a vinyl turntable, but the wings of speakers are made to handle a wide range of frequencies.

The fins in the speakers are made of an acrylic reflector plate, which essentially projects the sound into a room which “offers a stereo image from anywhere in the room”. The Dala also has three parts mounted on a vibration dampening wall brackets for minimizing the problem of putting a turntable too close to speakers.

Even though the Dala would look pristine atop a home entertainment center, it is sadly still a concept, at least for now.