Daewoo Harmony HDTV at IFA 2008

Daewoo Harmony

Those who haven’t attended the Daewoo stall at IFA 2008; you have seriously missed a glance of the promising Daewoo Harmony Full Hd LCD TV exhibited in the world’s largest Electronics fair. Well, the stunning HDTV offers you an incredible picture quality packed in a stylish glossy body along with an array of user-friendly options. I mean it caters to all your needs- design, looks, technology or utility.

The 42-inch thick DLT-42S1 HDTV bears class-resolution, good brightness attributes, quick response time and a dynamic contrast ratio, which all ally to offer you a jaw-dropping visual output. On top of that, Daewoo has integrated a digital broadcast tuner built-in DVB-T and its extremely successful MGDI plus technology. The reasonably priced model is a must-have for technology connoisseurs.