D-Link Takes Home Huge Award Slate For Boxee Box

D-Link’s Boxee Box took home a criminally massive slate of awards from the recently completed CES show back in January–fifteen awards worth of slate, in fact.  Check out the list:

– Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Best of Innovations in
the Home Theater category
– Yahoo/CES Last Gadget Standing Winner
– Laptop Magazine Best in Show
– Popular Science Magazine Product of the Future
– G4 TV Best in Show
– CNET-TV Best in Show Finalist, Home Theater category
– Business Solutions Magazine Top 10 Best Gadgets at CES
– Global Marketing Partners’ Top CES Innovative Technology
– Dave Graveline’s “Into Tomorrow” Dave’s Top 10 @ CES 2010.
– Digital Trends “The Top 10 Best Gadgets at CES 2010
– Global Marketing Partners CES Innovative Technology Top 10

See that? It’s hard to believe just how many people are convinced that the Boxee Box is going to be one of the biggest game changers in a long time, and this isn’t limited to the CES show.  A growing body of evidence exists that streaming is going to be the next big format war, so it’s not surprising to see the participants starting to shape up around it.

So kudos to D-Link and the Boxee Box for taking home some serious awards!