Cydle i30, bringing television live to the iPhone

I wasn’t certain where I wanted to post this. Normally, I post about all things iPhone on mobilewhack. However, since this was television related, I opted for this site.

Anyway, this is the Cydle i30, which allows the user to watch first-run streaming services so it is possible to tune in to new shows. It uses the ATSC-M/H standard of broadcasting, which means that you’ll be sporting an antenna to send the video to the phone over Wi-Fi.

Yes, the user will need to get the sleeve to use this, but this is a good thing. The pack has a 1100mA rechargeable battery that will not drain the smartphone when watching the TV.

I was hoping that the Cydle i30 was actually out now, but apparently, it is mired in the whole FCC approval process. I can only assume that there is some sort of App that is going to follow this whole set-up, and I hope that the App is free and has no subscription fees of any kind.