Custom Home Theater Backdrops

Gearing up for a home theater room with top of the line audio and visual equipment is only half the fun of home theater. The other half is creating a uniquely decorated retreat that you can show off to friends and family, and settle into for serious down time whenever you get the chance. One fun, custom option is to use Muslin Backdrops, which are also coincidentally used in professional theater. carries over 8,000 in stock designs that can be customized to fit your specific home theater application, or you can choose to custom design your own home theater backdrop.

All backdrops are shipped via UPS and can usually be delivered in two days or less to most locations within the continental United States. So many choices are available it’s hard to list all of them, but celestial body backdrops are especially popular for home theater decor. Backdrops start at $49.95. For more information or to browse the many available scenes, go to