Curtis Mathes CMMBX130 Blu-ray player

Curtis Mathes Blu-ray

It seems that new blu-ray players pop up nearly everyday it’s pretty challenging to find one that’s dropped below $100.00. Until now. We are in luck with the newest Curtis Mathes offering, the CMMBX130. Provided by Meijer, this new Blu-ray player can play 1080p Blu-ray discs and can even upscale regular DVDs.

Outputs include HDMI 1.3 and an optical digital audio. Some of the other specs include a BroadCom 7440 processor, 24-bit 192kHz audio converter, and an 11-bit 108MHz digital-to-analog convertor. It also has an Ethernet jack for downloading firmware updates. The current price for this Blu-ray player is just $99.00.