Crosby/Nash ‘Another Stoney Evening’ Released on November 26th [HFR]

A press release issued by DTS today confirms a November 26th release for the Crosby/Nash ‘Another Stoney Evening’ concert DVD-Audio disc.

The press release reads:

An inspiring recording of two voices, two guitars and a host of memorable tracks, this 96kHz 24-bit surround remix of ‘Another Stoney Evening’ masterfully exemplifies how well surround sound can re-create “live” concerts by placing the listener right in the middle of the show.

This exclusive DVD-Audio release features ‘Dйjа vu’, ‘Wooden Ships’, ‘Imagination Man’, ‘Teach Your Children’ and many other great songs, passionately performed live on-stage by this legendary rock duo.

Live concert recordings delivered in two-channel stereo often lack the full sonic realism of the original performance,” said David DelGrosso, DTSE Vice President of Marketing. “This 96kHz 24-bit surround remix of ‘Another Stony Evening’ instantly restores all the vitality that was originally captured on the master tapes, but lost on all previous stereo mixes.

The back cover the DVD-Audio disc’s packaging also features the new DTSE ‘Info Grid’ for easy access to the technical specs and bonus features.

Supplementary material includes an elaborate on-screen photo gallery, complete transcripts of all song lyrics and between-song dialog, and a hidden ‘Easter Egg’ for DVD enthusiasts.

Another Stoney Evening’ can be pre-ordered from DVD Empire, priced at $16.98, UPC code: 692860109896.

Track List:

  1. Deja Vu
  2. Wooden Ships
  3. Man In the Mirror
  4. Orleans
  5. Used to be King
  6. Traction in the Rain
  7. Lee Shore
  8. Southbound Train
  9. Laughing
  10. Triad
  11. Where Will I Be
  12. Strangers Room