Criterion Collection Opens YouTube Channel

Here’s an exciting bit of news, that may possibly portent a game change.  Remember how we were looking at the recent flop YouTube had with its offering of Sundance titles?  Well, apparently, the Criterion Collection, one of the most upscale film libraries on earth, has offered up a YouTube channel of its own, where it will bring trailers of its film library, and apparently, possibly, some of its movies.

Some Criterion films like Summer Hours are already part of the hotly contested and steadily growing Netflix library of choices, but for YouTube to get a piece of this action is actually kind of interesting.

Could it be that some studios might be looking to YouTube as a way to present their material?    The Sundance experiment was sort of a flop, but if YouTube can develop a relationship as having almost a “high brow” section, that could do some interesting things to the overall landscape.

YouTube is of course best known for its tiny video clips, but if they were to offer low brow clips and high brow movies, they could easily become a bigger name than they already are.

Got to keep an eye on this possibility, folks…