Crestron R2 Control App for Android, by Slingbox!

The last time we reported on Sling there were some problems with its service, and its relation to AT&T. Blake Krikorian, who used to work for Slingbox, has now created the Crestron R2 Control App for Android.

This App is expensive, but it allows for total control. The R2 gives both residential and commercial consumers the chance to control pretty much everything. I am assuming that means the home theater that we see on the screen on the photo, but it also does lighting, thermostats, security systems, and thousands of other products.

It communicates to 2-Series and 3-Series systems from anywhere in the world, via Wi-Fi or cellular networks. Word is, it can automatically resize the UI to the native resolution of the Android device that one is using.

The Crestron R2 Control App is very expensive at $99, but that is not the real big news. Apparently, the creator Blake Krikorian has stated that this isn’t going to be all in home automation, and that the industry is “on the brink of something big”.