Creston MLX-02 Remote


Creston has proudly introduced its latest MLX-02 Remote. The remote features ZigBee 2-way wireless communications. It comes in compact size and stylish design to make its one-handed operation easy. It supports 54 programmable buttons, a huge and easy-to-read LCD display along with various menu functions.

The MLX Remote also comes with tactile control feature to mange rolling menu of channels, media titles, as well as other commands. Moreover, it supports Windows Sideshow that helps accessing to a wide-range of PC and web-enabled content including new feeds, sports scores, stock tickers, weather alerts, media guides, email messages and engagement announcement.

Creston MLX-02 Remote’s LCD screen also displays time and date, lighting levels, room temperature and other real-time information through the central control system.

The powerful remote features Blue button backlighting that facilitates control in a gloomy room. When battery levels are low, it shows a “low battery” message on the screen. Apart from all these, it possesses non-volatile memory to ensure users of well running programming even when the battery is low.

Via: Creston