Creek Audio Evolution 5350 Integrated Amplifier

Creek Audio Evolution 5350 Integrated Amplifier The new Evolution 5350 integrated amplifier is the latest addition to the popular Evolution range of Creek Audio hi-fi separates. The company is all set to unveil the amplifier this month at CES.

The powerful Evolution 5350 has been designed for true music lovers who appreciate the benefits of two channel reproduction. It comes equipped with innovative AV direct input, a CD player and an FM/AM tuner. It supports a power output of more than 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms and greater than 200 watts into 4 ohms. It also features the standard Creek plug-in Phono pre-amp, a high-grade PGA2320 digitally controlled analogue volume control circuit and OPA604 Op-Amps.

To control input selection, volume, speaker selection, mute and power on/off, the Evolution 5350 features a front panel of rotary digital controls and a remote control handset. Besides, to indicate the state of the amplifier, a large vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) has been added to the front panel.