Creedence Clearwater Revival Boxed SACD Set in May [HFR]

A box set of the 7 Hybrid Stereo Super Audio CDs produced by reissue specialist label Analogue Productions is coming in May. The set will be a limited edition, specially numbered, collectors item that is being offered in response to requests from audiophile fans of the popular rock group of the 1970s.

Available in Both SACD and Vinyl LP Formats
Entitled Absolute Originals: The CCR Box Set, the collectors edition will be available in either Hybrid SACD or Vinyl LP format. The SACD edition will include the 7 Hybrid Stereo SACDs issued by Analogue Productions that were mastered for SACD by audiophile mastering specialists Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray along with Sony SACD Project DSD Engineer Lon Neumann. The cost of the box set will be $250.

Bonus Disc For First 100 Sets
As a bonus, the first 100 of the SACD editions of the boxed set will also include an 8th disc. The bonus disc will be a copy of the Creedence Clearwater Revival Hybrid Stereo SACD entitled The Concert from Fantasy Records (Fantasy Records FSA-4501-6). This was one of Fantasy’s first group of 10 Hybrid Stereo SACD reissues and features concert performances of 14 of the band’s hits.

Discount For Acoustic Sounds Customers
Readers of High Fidelity Review know that the owner of the Analogue Productions label (Chad Kassem) also owns the Acoustic Sounds audiophile web site. As a special offer to customers of Acoustic Sounds who have purchased 2 or more of the Creedence Clearwater Revival Super Audio CD and/or Vinyl LP editions of the 7 albums in the boxed set, Acoustic Sounds will be offering these customers both a 10% discount and free shipping if they purchase the boxed set. More details about this offer will be available when the boxed set is released in May.

Comments from Analogue Productions
According to Chad Kassem at Analogue Productions “For those of you that have followed Analogue Productions for a few years, you might remember our Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk LP box sets. If you own a copy, you know how deluxe these sets are, from the detailed liner notes to the rarest photographs. And that’s not even addressing the most important part, the music and sound. Both of those sets are now collector’s items, with the Miles Davis long sold out and going for well over the original retail price, and only a few remaining copies of the Monk.

You can expect the same from our newest project, The Creedence Clearwater Revival Box Set, titled Absolute Originals. We’ve assembled CCR’s seven studio albums along with indepth liners by rock critic extraordinare Ben Fong-Torres of Rolling Stone fame, and photos by Baron Wolman and Didi Zill, both of whom were there to document CCR “back in the day.” There is also an essay by Steve Hoffman, who along with Kevin Gray, remastered these gems at AcousTech Mastering.”

So if you’re a really big fan of Creedence Clearwater Revival and the excellent Steve Hoffman/Kevin Gray transfers of these albums, this boxed set may be something to consider.