Creative Inspire T-10 Speakers

If you are looking for something to enjoy great music with PCs, notebooks and MP3 players, then get the new Creative Inspire T-10 Speakers now! Capable of delivering high-quality performance digital audio, the Creative Inspire T-10 Speakers have made a recent entry in the music system market. These new speakers sport a compact and glossy black sleek design, perfect to be placed anywhere in your living room.

Creative Inspire T-10 Speakers create a true ‘Hi-Fi’ sou nd stage using separate tweeters for high-end perfection. It incorporates BasXPort technology for stronger lows without a subwoofer. Its separate volume controls enable you to optimize playback with any kind of music.

You can easily connect T-10 speakers to MP3 players, PCs and notebooks. Its magnetic shielding enables these speakers to be positioned close to PC monitors, notebooks and other similar equipments. Creative Inspire T-10 Speakers will soon be available in the market a reasonable price.

Via: Creative