Creative I-Trigue 3000 Speakers

.Creative recently rolled out their I-Trigue 3000 Speakers in succession to 2300 Speakers introduced few days back. The latest model inherits the slim design and chic look from its predecessor. The speakers boast of high fidelity and accuracy that are the result of three NeoTitanium micro drivers. Enjoy well balanced acoustic experience with the sound reproduction near to life. The design of 3000 Speakers adores the decor of virtually any location. Creative’s new I-Trigue 3000 speakers are priced at 12,800 Yen (Including tax) and are scheduled to hit the market from late October. A weird remote control is attached to the speakers to adjust volume and bass at a great ease. Compact thin-shaped subwoofer integrated in the speaker makes it space saving. Its anti-magnetic processing makes it suitable for installations near TV or Monitor.

Via: Creative