Could Apple TV Be The Ultimate Game Changer?

Now I was reading something about this the other day, so I figured I’d boil it down into the salient for you.  You’ve got a lot on your plate these days, you know.  You need fast and hard hitting home theater news.

So here’s the deal–a LOT of the market is currently worried about Apple TV.  See, they’ve been making a lot of deals with content providers, trying to get more stuff on its iTunes network.  And if it does this, then most everybody’s got a problem.

The more Apple TV handles in television, the more people go away from TV, which gets its content busted up by ads, to get that DVD-esque experience of watching what they want, when they want it.

This in turn forces cable networks to fall back on their broadband offerings, losing market share.  And satellite network providers, whose internet offerings are a sick joke compared to cable, lose out even bigger as they don’t get the fallback of having serious high-speed internet offerings.

And lastly, even Netflix and Hulu and Blockbuster Online suddenly suffer because their streaming is just getting started, whilst iTunes has been in the market for years.  If iTunes uses its new position to offer movies then all bets are off.

So pretty much everybody in the market has a reason to be worried about Apple TV.