CoolGTW18 pico projector cell phone

With all the talk over pico projectors gaining popularity it would only make sense that handset manufacturers would slap one of those mini projectors into a handset and make it readily available. Of course there are some pico projector touting handsets out there but the newest one to be announced is the CoolGTW18 by Chinabuye.

This handset features a 1MP digital camera, 2 SIM slots, a TV tuner, Java support in addition to WiFi and Bluetooth. But that’s not why you care about it, the reason you’ll care about it is because it features a 640 x 480 resolution and retails for under $190. Obvioulsy it’s not going to find a spot in your home theater but for watching movies on the go it may be a perfect option.

via aboutprojectors