Converter Box Guides Now Available Online

The transition to Digital TV is fast coming up and one thing that people all around would really need would be guides on this new phase of connecting converter boxes to their TV sets.

With less than two months remaining until full-power analog TV broadcasts go digital across the nation, and were launched today. Sponsored by one of the most popular digital-to-analog converter box brands, Zenith, the new Web sites answer common questions about setting up the boxes.

Among the top connectivity questions asked by DTT901 customers on the Zenith help line (1-877-9ZENITH) are “what kind of cables should I use?” and “how, exactly, do I connect my converter box to a TV or VCR?”

Zenith is urging analog TV viewers to install their boxes now so they can begin enjoying the improved picture and sound of digital broadcasts and avoid possible confusion about receiving the new digital channels on June 12, when all full-power TV broadcasters are required to make the final transition to all-digital service.

(Source) Press