Convedia media servers

RadiSys Corporation recently announced the integration of Convedia media server with speech server supporting ASR. The media servers are capable of converting human speech to computer data.

David Smith, General Manager of the Media Service Business Unit at RadiSys, explained, “Our new ASR and TTS capabilities improve the economics and scalability of speech application deployments and will continue to expand our business with IP contact center application development partners, as well as with our hosted call center service provider customers.

The ASR and TTS capable media servers are used with speech servers now. They offer a scalable and cost effective model. The ATS or TTS request in VoiceXML script is forwarded through MRCP interface to adjunct speech server. Most benefited are application vendors who will create one media processing interface to the media server instead of conventional two.

The audio and video media streaming, tone detection, media record and playback and multimedia conference mixing is all done with one application. With mouths still sealed on price front, this will come as a boon to the industry.

Via: Press