Control4 Releases SR-150 and SR-250 New System Remotes

Control4 has proudly announced its high-end SR-150 and SR-250 new system Remotes. Both Remotes come incorporated with pioneering features and innovative functions. They provide users with unique and reliable home automation experience.

The new SR-150 Remote is available with Control4’s latest Home Controller HC-200. Featuring an OLED screen, the SR-250 Remote is expected to be available with Controller flagship the HC-300 and the HC-500. It also comes with a hard drive and more inputs, as well as outputs for home theater.

"The improved functionality and design of the new remotes creates an opportunity for Control4 dealers like me to deliver an improved user experience to our current customers," Mike Wilson, Bethesda System. "These remotes are another example of how Control4 is quickly becoming the go-to home automation solution for homeowners."

Both Remotes support ZigBee radios acquittal the user from stripe of view needs for control. Users can easily access the Control4 from any corner of the room. The remotes also integrate an intelligent motion-sensing system to use it with ease.

The high-quality Control4 Remote SR-250 will be available in October 2008 at an estimated retail price of $199, whereas the Control4 SR-150 Remote is expected to reach stores in November at a suggested retail price of $129.

Via: Press