Control4 Audio Matrix Switch and Multi-Tuner

Control4 has proudly introduced its two new products- audio Matrix Switch and Multi Tuner. Both products come loaded with elegant features. The audio Matrix Switch comes with superb option to switch up to 16 inputs to 16 production zones including automatic detection to audio signals, increasing customization abilities.

The stand-mountable Multi Tuner provides users with triple-tuning facilities. It also delivers three audio signals into home along with two AM/FM signals and an optional XM satellite radio signal. Moreover, the Multi Tuner also supports improved audio circuitry facilitating the response of international radio signals.

Mr. West continued, "This newly enhanced version of our Multi-Tuner features a price reduction over our previous model while delivering improved tuning options for homeowners. Our tuner improvements now make it possible for users around the world to enjoy a wide range of audio options in the home."

Both the Audio Matrix Switch and Multi Tuner have been CE certified. The Matrix Switch and Multi Tuner will start shipping by the end of 2008 at suggested retail price of $1,295 and $599, with an optional XM Module retailing for $199.