Contemporary Research Introduced 232-Amp Mixer/Amplifier

Contemporary Research has introduced the new 232-Amp Mixer/Amplifier. This compact and programmable mixer/ amplifier has been designed with an aim to offer integration with flat-panel displays and video projectors.

The 232- Amp features a stereo line-level display cum projector audio input and two mono aux inputs and outputs stereo sound at 8 watts RMS per channel. This product is just ideal for wireless mic and paging applications. You can easily set it to mute or lower other inputs.

Allowing integration with custom control systems, 232-Amp offers full control to the user to fasten the top of CR’s 232 and iC-Series Tuners. You can also adjust performance manually using onboard switches and level potentiometer in the field of the 232-Amp. Apart from offering you to set master gain and input levels, the 232-Amp lets you set max and miniumum gain and aux input threshold levels.

Via: Press