Concurrent RTP2000 Time-Shifted TV

Concurrent exhibits time shifted television RTP2000 during SCTE Cable-Tec Expo in Philadelphia. Offering 99.999% of ingest success rate, the TV guarantees no video capture loss due to component or network failure.

“With 65% market-share in cable systems offering Start Over, Concurrent is the clear industry leader in time-shifted television technology,” stated Dan Mondor, Concurrent president and CEO. “With the launch of the RTP2000, we are once again demonstrating our innovation and leadership in advanced on-demand applications.”

The RTP2000 is capable of converting unicast FTP to multicast FTP. The incoming video content is served to Real Time Catchers. The video servers then send the content to end users. The session success rate is enhanced amazingly, thanks to real-time content distribution.

The cable operators are the most benefited people from time shifted TVs. Though the price is still kept hidden, these TVs will bring a revolution in entertainment industry.

Via: Press