Concord Records Announces First 11 Multichannel SACDs

Concord Records has provided additional information on its SACD plans, including information on the first 11 SACDs they plan to release. As we reported last month, Concord Records plans to release 30 SACDs from its well known catalog as well as a new all-DSD recording by Chick Corea as part of the celebration of Concord Records 30th Anniversary in 2003.

The 30 catalog SACDs to be released by Concord during 2003 are from a variety of artists. Included in the releases will be SACDs by Ray Brown, Rosemary Clooney, Nnenna Freelon, Jim Hall, Carmen McRae, Tito Puente, Cal Tjader, Scot Hamilton and Mel Tormй.

According to Concord Records, «Already heralded as the technology of the future, SACD marks a major advance in both sound quality and a detailed level of reproduction that, combined together, create an audio experience unlike anything previously available to consumers.»

All 2003 SACDs Will Be Hybrid Multichannel SACDs
Concord Records says that all of their SACDs released during 2003 will be Hybrid Layer SACDs that will be playable on SACD and CD equipment. All of the discs will also be Multichannel SACDs that will include three versions of the music on each disc: Multichannel SACD, Stereo SACD and Stereo CD.

As Concord sees it, «The stereo SACD program enables the listener to enjoy the enhanced fidelity that is created by transferring the original stereo analog master into DSD (Direct Stream Digital). With a sampling frequency that is 64 times greater than that of a traditional CD, the SACD technology permits more information to be translated, thereby resulting in a more detailed level of sound. The program on the Hybrid disc also contains a multi-channel SACD mix, which is produced by mixing the original multi-track masters specifically for a 6-speaker (5.1) surround sound system. The SACD surround sound mix represents the ultimate combination of 3-dimensional imaging with the best possible fidelity. In order to achieve the best possible sound, the original multi-track analog masters have been transferred directly to DSD (Direct Stream Digital), then mixed for 5.1 surround entirely in the DSD domain, resulting in an unparalleled audio listening experience.

Combining the latest in sound technology with an impressive sampling of some of the jazz world’s most respected talent, Concord Records adds a new chapter to its remarkable 30-year legacy. Long a favorite label of audiophiles, and now with an array of SACD releases, Concord continues its commitment to providing listeners with recordings of the best possible sound quality.»

Chick Corea’s Rendevous In New York: Live on Multichannel SACD
Kicking off the Concord Records SACD series on April 22nd is a 2 disc Multichannel SACD album by Chick Corea entitled «Rendevous in New York: Live». The album is the result of a series of 16 track, all Direct Stream Digital (DSD) recording sessions performed over 3 weeks in December 2001 at New York’s Blue Note jazz club to celebrate Corea’s 60th birthday.

Concord Records says that «Over the course of Corea’s residency, nine different line-ups performed, ranging from duos to small ensembles, all with the master improviser at the core of the acoustic proceedings. The artists included on this special recording reads like a veritable who’s who of the jazz world, from Bobby McFerrrin, Gary Burton, John Patitucci and Roy Haynes to Michael Brecker, Terrance Blanchard, Eddie Gomez and Dave Weckl.»

The April and May 2003 SACD Release Schedule from Concord Records
In addition to the release of the new Chick Corea SACD on April 22nd, Concord plans to release 5 SACDs on April 22nd and 5 more SACDs on May 20th. Here is the initial SACD release schedule from Concord:

Concord Multichannel SACD Releases — April 22nd

  • Art Blakey — Keystone 3 (Concord Jazz)
  • Stan Getz Quartet — Pure Getz (Concord Jazz)
  • Tania Maria — Come With Me (Concord Picante)
  • Tito Puente — Goza Mi Timbal (Concord Picante)
  • Jim Hall — All Across the City (Concord Jazz)
  • Chick Corea — Rendezvous in New York: Live — 2 SACD Set (Stretch)

    Concord Multichannel SACD Releases — May 20th

  • Rosemary Clooney — Girl Singer (Concord Jazz)
  • Charlie Byrd — The Bossa Nova Years (Concord Picante)
  • Gene Harris — Listen Hear (Concord Jazz)
  • Carmen McRae — Fine and Mellow: Live at Birdland (Concord Jazz)
  • George Shearing & Hank Jones — The Spirit of 176 (Concord Jazz)
    Pure Getz by the Stan Getz Quartet — Coming to Concord Jazz SACD in April