Concentrate to change a films outcome with NeuroSkys Mindwave technology

What you are seeing here is a trailer for a film known as Paranormal Mynd: Exorcism. Even though the film doesn’t look all that intelligent, you will be using your mind as you watch it.

MyndPlay is a new system by NeuroSky and Triete Labs, and their custom video player monitors your mental activity during certain times in specially made films. What will happen next in the film will be determined by your focus and relaxation levels, sort of like a Choose Your Own Adventure Book.

In the case of this film that you see in the video, you have to focus intently or the woman will choke to death. I suppose that is the limit of an Exorcism here. Another example is some sort of gangster film where the user has to concentrate to dodge bullets. This system was on display at GDC (Game Developers Conference) 2011, but and it “reads” your thoughts through Neurosky’s Mindwave headset.

It’s pretty obvious how this could influence film and TV. I wonder if all the adventures would have to be from a first-person point-of-view, and it would be difficult to make something more serious.