Compro VideoMate Vista E850F TV tuner card


Espouse the latest Compro offering for viewing free-to-air digital TV channels and listen to your favorite FM radio stations. Forget settop boxes and Dish Antennas, for a compact and unique alternative, the Compro VideoMate Vista E850F TV tuner card.

Insert this PCI card in a PC and select, play and record digital and analog TV broadcasts. It wondrously records TV serials and programs in Mpeg1, Mpeg2 and Mpeg4 video formats. It can display the broadcast even while recording.

The E850F TV tuner card is accompanied with a remote control that enables users to adjust the brightness, saturation, sharpness and contrast level for each TV channel.

An electronic programme guide comes with the package for program synopsis, subtitles, TV listings and teletext information. Undoubtedly, we are spoilt for choices with every innovative effort pouring in each new day.

Via: PC Advisor