Complete Blu-Ray Experience Now From LG

Wow.  You know, I’ve seen some really amazing home theatre components in my day.  I’ve seen some really outlandish ones, too.  And some are just plain old bizarre.  But I don’t think I’ve yet seen anything that puts a patch on the LG HB954WA, which has apparently just been released in New Zealand.

Most home theatre systems I’ve seen on the market go for the smallest possible speakers.  In fact, I once saw one speaker array where the satellite speakers were about twice the size of your average quarter.  So when I saw these monstrous tower speakers I was just aghast.

However, LG is quick to assure the public that these Godzilla speakers are actually really amazing.  They further assure that more features have been packed into this system than anyone else’s, and that it will be an absolutely full and rich and, like I said above, complete experience.

Frankly, it had better be for what they’re charging–Godzilla speakers and all, this sucker weighs in at a whopping TWO GRAND in price.  Okay, maybe that’s in New Zealand dollars, but still, that’s about thirteen hundred US.  So you can probably do a whole lot better–not that I’ve heard these speakers–but for that kind of money?  Just about anything should do better for the price.