Colorware Offers Nearly Endless Possibilities For The Look Of Your New X-Box 360

Hey there, dear readers! If you’re a current owner of the new X-Box 360, you could have your Microsoft gaming console customized with a new color scheme, courtesy of Colorware. This experienced painting company is offering to give gamers a personalized look for their new X-Box 360 with nearly endless possibilities in terms of color combinations and design. Colorware is only charging $175 for these custom paint jobs if you mail in your Microsoft console. However, the new X-Box 360 is currently priced at $500 if you haven’t gotten one yet. Although a personalized paint job for the new Microsoft gaming system might be nice to have for showing off to your friends, it hardly seems worth $500 if you don’t already own the latest X-Box 360. Gamers with other consoles need not apply for Colorware’s offer unless they’ve got an extra $675 to burn.