CodexNovus’ DMS-6000 Digital Media Server

The DMS-6000 Digital Media Server is the new launch of the CodexNovus, a company known as a leader in producing high definition media server and media player products. The best thing about it is that no one now would complain for not getting to enjoy their favorite program.

You no more will have to sacrifice your favorite TV program for your child who wants to watch his cartoons. You can do so as all network-based multimedia can be shared throughout the system through the CodexNovus’ DMS-6000 Digital Media Server. What’s more is that you can restrict your child from watching certain programs by the use of user-defined preferences.

Hugo Feugen, president and founder of CodexNovus says, “With unmatched flexibility and performance, the DMX-6000 is the ideal digital media storage and distribution server for any home or business. Using our award-winning media server technology, we’ve designed the DMS-6000 to serve as the ultimate High Definition multimedia solution, and with the ability to easily expand, users can now add to their system as their digital media library grows.”

Features of the CodexNovus’ DMS-6000 Digital Media Server are:

  • Resolutions of up to 1920 x 1080p
  • Distribution of digital media in lossless 5.1 and 7.1 high-resolution
  • Delivers up to 120MBps of data
  • 6TB of storage
  • 16 High Definition audio streams or 48 MP3 audio streams
  • 12 Standard Definition video streams

The CodexNovus’ DMS-6000 Digital Media Server is sure to make everyone’s life much better and live able with its multi faceted features. With the use of CodexNovus Peer-to-Peer Network, one can combine the CodexNovus’ DMS-6000 Digital Media Server with the DML (Digital Media Library) Player/Servers and Client (DML-Zero) Players which will result in an extensive, robust network for a complete multimedia system.

Via: Press