Coby DVD938 Home Theater System Review-Basic Bare-Bones System

Sometimes value outweighs quality, and the Coby DVD938 will be a perfect example of a good price being a little more important than a quality product. You’re not going to get the best system you’ve ever seen out of this one, but you will get a functional, if bare-bones, system that should do the job at least decently.

The Coby DVD938 is a 5.1 channel, six hundred watt home theater system comprised of four satellite speakers, a center channel speaker, a subwoofer and a DVD player. You’ll also get a Dolby Digital decoder, built in AM / FM tuner, a pair of microphone inputs so you can use it for karaoke, parental controls, and both digital and analog AV outputs.

It’s nothing great–with these kinds of specs it can’t be, honestly–but what it will do is the basics. And it will do those basics passibly well. I don’t hear of many home theater systems that can be used for karaoke jams, so that does give this one a bit of an edge, but still. The sound is nothing spectacular, and the DVD player is very much a lower-end item.

Considering, however, that you can get this whole package for a whopping hundred bucks on Amazon, well, that’s good enough for many.

If your budget is low, and your top priority, but you need to put a little life into your home theater package, then you’ll want to have a better look at the Coby DVD938.