Coby DVD937 Home Theater System Review-Decent Quality, Great Value

It’s not every day that I get in contact with anything from the folks out at Coby. I just don’t see the name very often. And that’s why I was taken a bit aback by most everything about the Coby DVD937, a thoroughly bare bones but otherwise decent system.

The Coby DVD937 is a thousand watt 5.1 channel home theater system that offers several surround sound decoders including Dolby Digital, a variety of playback options, a DVD player, five speakers, a subwoofer, an on-screen display option, digital AM / FM tuner, a component video output, two digital audio outputs, and an analog audio output.

The term “bare bones” definitely applies here. It’s basically just a DVD player with some speakers and a subwoofer, along with a couple of other options. It may well be the most basic of all home theater systems ever made.  That doesn’t necessarily make it a bad home theater system, though–the sound quality is at least passable and the ease of use is good by sheer necessity (when you only have a handful of options to choose from, finding your way through them isn’t exactly a challenge).

And the best part is, you can really take a chance on this one very easily, as Best Buy only wants a straight hundred bucks for this. That makes it a good value almost by default–even if you don’t like it for your main home theater it’s still a good piece for, say, an office sound system, basement home theater or even one for the garage.

The Coby DVD937 may not be anyone’s idea of a great home theater system, but it’ll definitely bring enough to the table at a low enough price to be worth a look.