CLO SYSTEMS T2 Automated Tilt Mount


CLO Systems, a popular leader in design and production of the industry’s most innovative and reliable motorized mounting solutions for flat panel displays, has announced that it will be showing its newly developed T2 Automated Tilt Mount at CEDIA Expo September 2008.

"Traditional tilt and fixed mount has evolved into one simple solution to meet today’s technology lifestyle demands." said Ken Nguyen, director of sales and marketing at CLO Systems. "The T2 automated tilt mount will be a common mounting solution for flat panel TVs because it’s not a novelty; it’s a true solution for today’s lifestyle and convenience."

The new T2 is capable of automatically tilting the screen down to a pre-selected angle for reflection-free and on-axis viewing. This product can solve the three main components associated with viewing flat panel TVs, like reflection, glare and off-axis. The T2 is available at a retail price of $ 299 from CLO dealers nationwide.

Via: Press