CLO, the leading manufacturer of advanced mounting solutions for flat-panel displays has announced its latest flat-panel and a swelling S1 solution to change the direction of flat-panel displays.

The newest and highly advanced S1 solution boasts better and pioneering technology, which has 0-180 degree constantly rotating power. It lets users enjoy movable watching. Therefore, users can watch anything from their kitchens, study room, game room and bedroom as per their choice.

"This is our latest in our exclusive line of automated mounts," said Ken Nguyen, director of sales and marketing at CLO Systems. "S1 allows integrators to offer their customers an exciting, high-tech, low-cost mounting solution that will not only impress, but also solve real flat-panel viewing problems and placement limitations."

Users can set the angle according to their needs just by touching the remote-button. The S1 has an easy on-wall installation and in case of its no use, customers can easily set it.

The New motorized swivel mount S1 is available now and a better solution to plasma or LCD flat-panel TVs.

Via: Press