Clicker Gunning For Internet Video Clearinghouse

Just so you’ve got an idea of what you’re looking at, Clicker is one of a handful of sites that seems to be gunning for the role of hub of internet video.

I went to have a look at Clicker and I have to admit I was pretty impressed.  There’s all kinds of video over there, and it–unlike YouTube–is actually really well organized.

See, what they’ve done is take a whole bunch of streaming video–stuff like CSI episodes, stuff on Hulu, random web junk like stuff from The Escapist and so on–and sorts it into a set of categories like Technology and Gaming, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and Animation.  From there, you can follow your genre of choice into the various offerings, and you can do it all for free.

It’s a clever little package, and should do well in the long run, especially if streaming video keeps going the way it is now.